One good idea for business automated!

The very useful Booking Platform in many areas of transportation, delivery and rental services.
Taxi. Delivery. Goods rental…

Booking Plugin

is providing a friendly and easy to use interface, a boost of your relationship with the customers. Can be used, with the help of  +15 booking forms for
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On 3bit Booking Platform...

you have a full hand of necessary tools for your business success in transport business, whatever it is

Web design

Website + Booking Form  + Admin Panel

Website creation with free theme. Mobile friendly design, multipurpose WP Booking plugin with Admin Panel for flexible customisation of your platform for your business needs


Mobile Apps

Android Apps + iOS Apps connected to 3 bit Booking Platform

A mobile application that can be built on several platforms, Android and iOS. Android uses Java and iOS uses Swift. Mobile apps are able to use for Trip & Delivery busness

Viber & Telegram

Booking Bots creation for quickly ordering in Viber & Telegram apps

The main purposes of using bots in trip & delivery business:

  • providing quick response to the clients;
  • service 24/7;
  • work simultaneously with many clients and potential users of services and goods

Website with Booking plugin

Admin Panel

Mobile Apps

Full solution for business automated

How will look a Website

with 3bit Booking platform

& booking form 

The Apps for Trip & Delivery

Black App

Mobile Android Application for Taxi

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Orange App

Mobile Android Application for Delivery

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Booking Bot

Booking Bot for Taxi and Delivery ordering in Viber, Telegram