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Choose a suitable website templateChoose a suitable booking form on your website → Make your business automated

Live demo of the Booking system forms. Hurry up, can taste Booking forms and widgets here…

Taxi booking
Food delivery
Tours transfer
Product delivery
Airport transfer
Car rental
Transfer to places
Goods rental

Map Providers

Above all, Booking system included a lot of map providers

Google map









map box


map quest

Payment gateways

It is available to use in Booking system one of this Payment gateway

How it works?

Install Booking plugin to your WordPress website easy and fast

At first, add to Home page Shortcode with Booking Widget page and callback to Booking Form page. After that, add Booking Form page with callback to Order Sent page. In conclusion, setup in Settings Order Payment page parameters.


Booking Widget


Booking Form


Order Sent


Order Payment

Meanwhile, if you still have any question before purchase Booking plugin, please, go to Support Forum. After that, did you already purchased? So, take a Ticket. However, you don’t know how to install the WordPress? What is it? Firstly, more information about WordPress platform you can read here. Therefore, it’s important to look closely at the features of each WordPress booking plugin. This way, you’ll have all of the functionality you need and some flexibility to grow your business stronger. So, our team suggest a perfect solution of Booking platform. Also we help and support our product installation and setting.

Who benefits from our decision

airport transfer

Airport transfers

For instance, Allow customers to choose a car service for trip from or to Airport. After that, browse date and estimate your trip in advance.

transfer to places

Trip booking

First of all, Your customers can choose a car service for a trip from selected Location or to Order Places. After that, browse additional features. In addition, estimate customer's trip online and get a payment in advance.

pizza delivery

Food orders

In addition, Provide service for Food (pizza, sushi, beer, vine) buy and delivery in real time. In other words, choose a food with delivery. After that, set Location for delivery and get a payment.

taxi booking

Taxi service

Likewise, This system allows your customers to choose a car service for trip, choose Location from A to B points. After that, estimate customer's trip on map, book and pay online in advance.

How to start?

Install and configure Booking plugin yourself on WordPress website

First step 🙂

1. Most importantly, install 3bit Booking plugin to WordPress website.
2. Then, put Google API key in settings.
3. After that, set the language, distance measurement, country, tax and other parameters.
4. In conclusion, download custom markers and choose a region of order acceptance on map.


Set parameters in Admin panel

1. Above all, fill name of your service in store item.
2. After that, set your products or services in product item.
3. In addition, add the lists of services and products in stock item.
4. Finally, add prices for additional parameters of this products and services

macbook first booking form

to Your Booking page

Firstly, Add and configure Shortcode on website page.


SMTP options

  1. At first, put the hostname;
  2. After that, enter the username;
  3. In addition, need the password;
  4. After that, order status switch set to ON;
  5. Then payment confirmation also switch set to ON;
  6. Administrator notification switch set to ON.
Macbook payment

Payment settings

  1. Choose the payment gateway;
  2. Then, set client Id, secret key or other options;
  3. In addition, if you want to use additional option of tax for clients or for drivers, please, set ON;
  4. After that, for audit features of events, please, switch set ON.
Booking Plugin

Booking plugin with sources code and admin panel included

Maps, Gateways and Features included.
More than 15 Booking forms and Widgets included!

Website with plugin

Website design and content making Booking plugin with sources included

Maps, Gateways and Features included.
More than 15 Booking forms and Widgets included!
In addition, WordPress Theme for website design!

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