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247 booking

247 booking plugin for website. Therefore, you can locate the plugin for your WordPress website for Order and Delivery online. Above all, there are booking forms for Taxi, Car rental, Food delivery business.


Mobile apps source codes

Android and iOS mobile apps source codes for Taxi service, Car rental, Food delivery services. Installation is done by yourself, but also we offer, certainly, a support for you, as a separate service. 


Website with 247 booking plugin

Need your branded website with SEO? So, we can create a responsive WordPress website for you. Also 247 booking plugin will locate on page. Look our portfolio 


Development offer

We offer a FullStack development  for a Trip and Delivery small Business. So, it helps you to automate your business process with website, apps and backend

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Booking plugin for website to order online – the best solution where your clients ordered your Taxi from Airport, for example 

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What's we offer

we offer the best prices for booking plugin, booking platform and website development


247 booking plugin
for WordPress

Taxi booking, Car rental, Food delivery website you can create with 247 booking plugin easy located it to your website


247 booking platform
Source codes

Android, iOS apps for Taxi booking, Car rental, Food delivery. Database backend (MySQL), Web API (RESTful service), Website (Admin panel)



Website development with 247 booking plugin for Taxi booking, Car rental, Food delivery websites for your business

TurnKey Solution


Our team offer the Android, iOS Apps development for Taxi, Car Rental, Food Delivery business online;
Backend development with Admin Panel and Dashboard (MySQL Database backend and Web API onJava or PHP Included);
Website development with booking form online for Trip & Delivery business;
Our experienced programmers will welcome long-term cooperation and interesting new projects.

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Android & iOS Apps for your business...

Taxi booking and Food delivery is a native Android & iOS application. This is the best solution for Taxi based app seekers who want to develop and/or release an application like UBER and for a small restaurant who want to help customers to order and delivery pizza, for example, with completely automated.

phoneX with booking plugin

Great Solution for Resolve an Issues

We are the developers of the 247 booking plugin for WordPress CMS. As a result, a few years development of booking platform for trip, delivery, rental booking finished with the implementation of solution for website.  So, how to easy customise with 247 booking plugin a website building with powerful booking platform and with the booking forms for customers. Therefore, 247 booking plugin are customizable to work with mobile apps by Web API perfect described in our documents

wp plugin with 247 booking plugin
booking form with booking plugin

Suggestion for Cooperation in Business

Our team offers the best cooperation with booking platform. So, our service to provide you 24/7 support for installation and maintenance for 247 booking plugin on your customer’s website. Certainly, any additional information about the plugin upon your first request. The price for 247 booking plugin on your one customer’s website is $29 and $49 with installation and support. We offer an agreement on mutually beneficial cooperation, as well as finalizing the order forms for the requirements of your customers. Above all, Feel free to contact us in skype: abto3bit, by email:

Where Do I apply a 247 plugin and 247 Platform

work_forms3 with booking plugin

For a small business owner

247 Booking Plugin & Booking Apps

Are you Pizzeria's owner?  Do you Taxi service owner? Cab booking owner? We have a great opportunity for you. If you will have our 247 booking platform for order and delivery online, certainly, you will increase profits due to the growth of your customers.

For start as UBER style

247 service as Uber style

Do you want to have a Taxi service as UBER style? We have a great opportunity for you to increase profits due to the growth of customers. So, who will use the mobile application and website for Driver and Clients to connect online and interact with each other.

work_forms2 with booking plugin

Do your business more profitable

Admin Panel has an order transport colour, number. In addition, order date and time and additional features in admin panel.

Trip service that based on trips that can be booking with Booking plugin for website.  

-Customer is the User which wants to trip;

-Driver is the User which transportation Customer from pickup to destination;

-Admin is the trip service administration;

Customer select the service, that suggested to him by website, mobile app and Share it Location (by GPS) for Workers,thatproduct(service) will be deliver.

Backend consist from subparts:

  • Database backend MySQL;

  • Web api RESTful service;

  • Website – Admin panel;

Database backend have objects that base structures describes at the Project:

Manufacture is brand names of products and services manufactures;

Product is a products and services that Drivers can do for Customers;

Order is registered Customer Booking orders with Product information and Customer Location (Pickup or Drop off);

User is Customer, Driver registration;

Discount is a discount for User or Product;

PrepaidCard is prepaid codes for increase User account by sum from PrepaidCard registered;

Transport is car or truck transport that can deliver Customer service;

Sensor is smartphone of User that can send GPS Location;

Track is GPS Location that Sensor sent;

Review is rate for User, Transport, Product;

Payment is card payment complete by payment provider, such as PayPal;

Purchase is purchase by Order  for example, cash or card;

Store is who deliver products and services for Customer;

Stock is products and services, from Product, that can be select by User as Customer in Store;

Language is list of languages support, dictionary;

Currency is list of currencies;

Attr is project services, languages support, dictionary;

Order, Product can has private type and status.


  • User signup or register as Customer or sign-in on website page, therefore, personal data inputs, and can authorization by input call;

  • User create an order by selected Product, for example, products or services, shopping cart not support, book now button. Order can creatwith exact time performance;

  • User have a private cabinet for order’s historySo, every private order can be cancel by user as customer. As a result, private chat with Admin of website. Profile as add-on cabinet can have private reports, that administration created;

  • User can preview private orders on the map;

  • If user signup both as driver and customer, admin can interview him about their device or resources communications;

  • When user works as driver, so, he can take the Order. During performance, driver set the order status, such as LandingProcessingCompleted;

  • If user works as admin of website, he available to data of Admin panel for Order status preset.  In addition, admin can change the order that was taken by driver, for example to change the Order’s total price.

  • When the user works as customer, he can review the order and update the driver’s rate. So, transport, when the user works as driver, he can review the order and update the customer’s rate;

  • When the user works as customer, he can pay by cash or by payment provider;

  • Driver can take the order as a result, if the user’s account will prepaid amount more than 0 or work as is;

  • Audit saves a data to database backend.


During the implementation for test using temporary keys for API :

  • Google map API key or other map provider, that can be integrate;

  • PayPal API key or other payment provider, that can be integrate;

  • Congnalys sms provider API key for check User phone number;

  • Mailgun email provider API key for invoices, password recovery and notify.

In addition, more detailed describe on

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