3bit... One good idea for business!

It is the powerful Booking Platform on your WordPress website. The plugin is providing a friendly and easy to use interface, a boost of your relationship with the customers. Can be used, with the help of 15 booking forms, for trips, transfers, tours, rentals, product booking and delivery, food ordering, service by location, airport and terminal shuttles.

What business suitable for?

3bit Booking system

  • Taxi service
  • Airport taxi
  • Trip service
  • Rental service
  • Delivery service
  • Restaurant service
  • Food delivery
With Booking system

is available to have

A lot of ordering form

Ordering form

It is available to set to your website kind of form that your business need

Go to form

Different price calculation

Price calculation

depending on the work of your business, tariffs are set

Go to forms

A lot of order places setting

Order places

You can set a lot of order places location and connect price per km/ml

Go to forms

Most used payment system

Payment system

You can connect your payment online to your website with booking system

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Quickly Launch your Booking Website with 4+ Functional Ready Forms

All you have to do is, if you already have a WordPress website:

Download a Booking WP plugin, locate a Widget shortcode on Home (Main) page

Create 3 new pages, add shortcode – for Form, Payment & Order sent accordingly

Custom a plugin for own business purpose & Launch your Booking Website

  • Widget
    [ CallCustomForm page_name=forms/widgets/product_widget.html callback=link to page]
  • Plugin
    [ CallCustomForm page_name=forms/bookings/trip_booking.html]
  • Payment
    [ CallCustomForm page_name=forms/payments/order_payment.html]
  • Order sent
    [ CallCustomForm page_name=forms/bookings/order_sent.html]
How look website?

with booking plugin & 3bit Ordering system

Uw Taxi Utrecht
Taxi Schiphol

Taxi service

Android & iOS mobile apps for Client & Driver

Food delivery

Android & iOS mobile apps for Client & Delivery Man
How look a Mobile app

with Ordering system for Trip & Delivery services

Questions? We’ve got you covered

Certainly, if you have already a website on WordPress, you can setup and setting booking plugin by yourself easy. 

At first, you need to buy a booking plugin, After that, you setup it on your website. In Settings you enter the API key, country, measurement, post features, payment features, more detailed. go to 

There are many variations of features available, but the majority enter a products, currency, order places, store, manufacture, product type, stock 

Our team is available for such development. We offer a solution for a small business automated.

Of course, you can book a beautiful website with booking form on first page. We make it for you with pleasure 🙂

So, you can order a Mobile Apps for Trip or Delivery with database setup and Admin Panel setting. We make it for you with pleasure 🙂

Get a booking plugin just now

with Ordering system and suitable Admin Panel for Trip & Delivery services

A new feature Booking bot is cooming soon
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