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for business automated!


Booking Plugin

is providing a friendly and easy to use interface, a boost of your relationship with the customers. Can be used, with the help of  +15 booking forms for

On 3bit Booking Platform...

you have a full hand of necessary tools for your business success in transport business, whatever it is

Web design

Website + Booking Form  + Admin Panel

Website creation with free theme. Mobile friendly design, multipurpose WP Booking plugin with Admin Panel for flexible customisation of your platform for your business needs

app_design copy
Mobile Apps

Android & iOS Apps connected to 3bit Booking Platform

A mobile application that can be built on several platforms, Android and iOS. Android uses Java and iOS uses Swift. Mobile apps are able to use for Trip & Delivery busness

Viber & Telegram

Booking Bots creation for quickly ordering in Viber & Telegram apps

The main purposes of using bots in trip & delivery business:

  • providing quick response to the clients;
  • service 24/7;
  • work simultaneously with many clients and potential users of services and goods

Website with Booking plugin

Admin Panel

Mobile Apps

Full solution for business automated

How will look a Website

with 3bit Booking platform & Booking form

Black App

Mobile Application for Taxi

Orange App

How will look Application for Delivery

Booking Bot

Booking Bot for Taxi and Delivery ordering in Viber, Telegram

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