Create the Perfect Social Media Buzz for Your Business

Getting people talking about your business on social media is a great way to build a culture and following around what you do. Once you have done this, your future advertising should reach more of the relevant audience, and your business will be able to grow organically. Here is how to create the perfect social media buzz for your business.

Be Current

Read the top news stories every morning, follow large trending social media accounts and check on what is going viral online that day or week. There are online sites where you can instantly read what’s trending today. Consider what time of year it is too, if there are any holidays happening or if anything big has happened in politics or just in the general news. This is gold dust. Once you have tapped into this there is a wealth of options for you to build your buzz on social media. 

It might be with content. Creating excellent and relevant content is a great way to captivate the attention of the masses. For example, if you write a blog piece on an artist trying to reach Christmas Number One. Or if you make a meme about a certain caterpillar cake ‘fiasco’. If it is happening at that moment, you can guarantee that there will be people interested in reading as much as they can about it and they are more likely to view, interact and share your content. Once your content is out there and being used, there is far more of a chance that people will find your page and follow you on social media.

You can also use these hot spots to display your business in places that you can see your target audience is already having a conversation. Add your voice to the mix. Comment on a trending post and include your business name, or even just comment from your business’ page so that your name is a clickable link. Say a joke, answer a question with a knowledgeable answer or even just like a few comments. Consider how often you are scrolling through Facebook comments on a post, and how often you find yourself absent-mindedly looking at a stranger’s profile that you have found through said comment section. This is the same for businesses. Once you get your target audience to click on your name and visit your business page, it is then up to your branding and content to captivate them to want to stay and follow you.

Stamp Your Brand

Ensure that you always add a watermark of your logo to the content that you post online. This creates traceability. If your content gets shared, your business name can be lost from the top of the post. However, if you display a watermarked logo on the work, even if it goes viral, interested consumers can still trace it back to you.

Complete Your Details

Many businesses do not finish the details sections of their profiles. It might be an incorrect phone number or an empty ‘about me’ section. Whatever you leave empty gives an interested consumer the chance to decide that your business isn’t for them. Always complete all the information on your profile to a detailed standard. 

Ensure that you have your opening times, contact details and clearly tell people who you are and what you do as a business. If you don’t tell them, they won’t know. Include links to your website and allow for the simplest access to your products.

Post Often

Ensure that you post from your page at least every day. Create a store of posts that are creative and relevant to keep your page as active as possible so that the algorithms on the social sites pick you up as a constant user and, therefore relevant business, worthy of promoting.

Get that social media buzz you are looking for. Stay current, keep active and be creative in the ways that you use your business social media accounts to access your target demographic.

Christian Stone, article author

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