Website creation with 3bit WP Plugin


WP Plugin on your website installation

We help you to present your website for Taxi, Trip ordering, Food delivery, Restaurant delivery with ordering system online


computer_planshetYou have own WP website for taxi service or restaurant, for example. And you want to automate the ordering process in order to simplify and improve the service for your client. And also automate processes for your business. We setup 3bit booking plugin on your website and get all the settings for this plugin.


What’s we do with booking plugin on website?

1 ∴ Install the plugin on your website and customise it according the specifics of your business.

wp booking plugin


2 ∴ Will place the ordering form on the first page or where necessary.

Taxi Schiphol

Taxi Schiphol

3 ∴ We fill all the data for a complete order, payment data and data for messaging and notifications

Airport transfers to London


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