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I will develop taxi booking app in uber style

Native Mobile Android Apps for

Taxi Booking, Car Rental, Trip booking

Programing Language : Java

Developing Platform : Android Studio

Native Mobile iOS Apps for

Taxi Booking, Car Rental, Trip booking

Programing Language : Swift

Developing Platform : X-code

Base Features :

Registration, phone number verify screen forms

Pickup, Drop-off choosing screen forms

Booking, checkout screen forms

User, Trip review screen forms

Order, payment screen forms

Driver online screen forms

– Google Places Framework for Pickup / Dropoff Locations for Taxi Booking

– Fare Calculations by Selected Service / Product and Additional Parameters Selected

– Google Directions for Fare Calculations (using distance and time duration for route)

– Upload Order Route (route’s points, distance and time duration) to backend for Orders History

– Booking Modes : Taxi Service, Car Rental Service, Delivery Service, Trip Service

– Trip Modes : Customer, Driver

Application Forms :

– Splash Form

– Signin / Register Forms

– Booking Form with Services / Products Form and Fare Calculation Form

– User Profile Form

– Orders History Form

– Order Status Form

– User / Transport Review Form

– Driver Taximeter Form

– Driver Take Order

Mobile Operating Systems
App Submission
App Icon
Splash Screen
Ad Network Integration
Include Source Code


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