This Privacy Policy document describes how we use your personal data collected via our applications. When you use our applications, you trust us with your personal data. Each time you access or use the applications or provide us with information, by doing so you are accepting and consenting to the practices described in this privacy policy.


The software is distributed as is, free to download and use. Service provide to 2 categories of users (or user’s role): Customer and Driver(or delivery person). Customers is a persons who request or receive transportation (trip or delivery), including those who receive transportation requested by another persons. Drivers is a persons who provide transportation (trip or delivery) to Customers individually or through service. Each categories of users use the application version which match to user’s role. The Customer application is for Customers which orders transportation for trip or delivery, and the Driver application is for Drivers (or delivery persons), which take and complete a Customer’s orders.

Collection of Information

The following data is collected:

User contact data

We collect contact data when user create or update user’s account. Contact data include first and last name, email, phone number, password, profile picture. Additionally, for Drivers include driver’s license and other government identification document. This also includes vehicle or insurance information of drivers and delivery persons to provide services using the Driver application. We collect the information users submit when they contact our customer support, provide ratings for other users, or otherwise contact to us.

Location data

We collect location data (if enable the application to do) when the Driver application is running in the foreground (application open and on-screen) or background (application open but not on-screen) of mobile device.

We collect location data (if enable the application to do) when in the Customer application was opened active order. We use this data to enhance your use of the applications, including to improve pickup locations and enable safety features.

Device data

We may collect data about the devices used to access the applications, including the device models and serial numbers.

Use of Personal Data

We collects and uses data to enable reliable and convenient transportation, delivery, and other products and services. We also use the data we collect:

  • To enhance the safety and security of our users and services.
  • For customer support.
  • To enable communications between users.

We collect data for providing services and features:

  • Create and update user’s accounts.
  • Verify Drivers (or delivery persons) identity.
  • Enable transportation, deliveries, and other services.
  • Track and share the progress of trips or deliveries.
  • Enable features that allow user to share information with other user: facilitate communications between Customer and Driver (or delivery person), estimated times of arrival, information about products and services.
  • Enable features to personalize user’s accounts, such as creating bookmarks for favorite places, and to enable quick access to previous destinations.
  • Search Customers and Drivers (or delivery persons) before enabling their use of services.
  • Using user ratings and feedback as grounds for deactivating Customers and Drivers (or delivery persons) with low ratings.
  • Enabling communications between users. A Driver may message or call a Customer to confirm a pickup location (or delivery address), a Customer may contact a Driver to retrieve a lost item.

We may share the collected data:

  • Customer’s first and last name, photo, rating, pickup and dropoff locations, order information with Driver (or delivery person).
  • Driver’s first and last name, photo, rating, vehicle make, model, color, license plate, and vehicle photo, location (before and during trip or delivery) with Customer.
  • User’s personal data if we believe it’s required by applicable law, regulation, operating license or agreement, legal process or governmental request, or where the disclosure is otherwise appropriate due to safety.

Personal and Sensitive Information

To get started in the application (the Customer application or the Driver application), you are invited to register and entering your phone number and other additional personal contact information about you.

Your personal contact data is necessary to ensure the operation of the applications service (in the Customer application and in the Driver application) and only to perform orders for trip or delivery. Your personal contact data, location data will not be used to advertise or promote third-party services and goods. Personal contact data of users that are entered during registration is not transferred to a third party, are not distributed or published. Personal contact data transfers and saved through secure protocol (https) into your account. By submitting your personal contact data, you agree to this transfer, storing or processing. We will take all steps reasonably necessary to ensure your data is treated securely and in accordance with this privacy policy. If required by law or at your request, we will erase or archive from active use your personal information.

Important Information about Location data

Main purpose of the Driver application is receive request for a trip or delivery from Customer (Customer request and order nearest Driver). Location data of Drivers is required to inform Customers about active Drivers located nearby Customer. Customer chooses a place for a trip or delivery using his Location, and it is also possible to select a nearest Driver for his order. The Driver application is obliged to have a location permission in background and is necessary for Driver constantly (even in background, even the application is closed or not in use). Otherwise the Driver application in background is useless and the main purpose of the Driver application will be broken.

Using Android Permissions

When you use the Customer or the Driver applications Android devices with the latest operating system, we will ask you for permission to enable certain features when they require additional information from your device. Below you can find more details about why we asks for these permissions and what data is collected.

Please note, older versions of the Android operating system (before Android M) don’t show users these prompts. Instead, users are shown a list of all the permissions an app requests at the time of installation. The permissions listed below include both those that are surfaced as prompts (in the current operating system) as well as those that are listed to users at install time (on older versions of the operating system).


You will see a request to access your location information when you sign up for the application and start map using. If you sign in to the Customer application will collect and send location data to the application’s servers anytime you’re using the applications on a trip or for delivery. We use location data to find drivers near you and help them navigate to your pickup or delivery spot. If you sign out of the location permission, you can still use the Customer application by manually entering your pickup address before requesting an order. If you sign in to the Driver application will collect and send location data to the application’s servers anytime you’re on active mode and driving. We use location data to preview your transport to customers, which located near you. If you sign out of the location permission, you can’t use the Driver application to fulfill its purpose.

We also use it to display trip history to understand and resolve support tickets, to troubleshoot and solve software bugs, and generally to customize and improve the location-based services we provide. In addition to your device GPS, we may use other methods to improve the accuracy of this information if Location Services are enabled, including satellite and nearby wifi signals.


When you sign up for the Customer or Driver application, we send a 6-digit verification code, via SMS, to the mobile number that you provide. The Receive SMS permission allows the Customer or Driver applications to look for that incoming SMS message and automatically verify your mobile number.


The Customer and Driver application requests access to initiate phone calls in the phone application so you can contact your driver (in the Customer application) or your customer (in the Driver application) with one click within the application.


The mapping libraries in the application use these permissions to save map data to your phone’s storage (such as SD cards).

Camera (CAMERA)

The application will ask to access your camera when you add a photo to your application’s profile. You can still add an existing photo to your user profile by granting access to your Photos.


This permission is used with your own contact information to auto-fill your mobile number when you sign up for the application. You can edit this information once your sign up started.


Internet permission (Internet) is required to access the internet, including communicating with the application’s servers, connecting with third-party services, and downloading map data. Network state permission (Access Network State) is used to notify you when a network connection is unavailable.


The application uses this permission to see if a Wi-Fi connection is available, which helps improve the speed and accuracy of data used to display maps in the application.


Media permissions (Vibrate, Sound) allows the application to vibrate or play sound your phone when something important happens (such as when you receive a notification that your driver has arrived).


This permission wakes up your phone when a notification is received.