You are Owner of a Taxi, Transfer service, Rental or Delivery services and you need more Customers?

3bit is the powerful Booking platform for your website. WordPress Booking plugin provides a simple interface for customers and presents more then 15 Booking forms and widgets for trips, transfers, tours, rentals, product booking and delivery, food booking, service by location, airport and terminal shuttles. More information about 3bit plugin on the Documentation page. More about WordPress here. Download WordPress here.

Live demo Order forms. Try Order online forms and widgets here…

Trip booking
Delivery booking
Product booking
Service booking
Trip rental booking
Trip airport booking
Order sent

How to install plugin?

Install and configure Booking plugin by yourself on own WordPress website

1. Install plugin on your website

1. Most importantly, install 3bit Booking plugin to WordPress website.
2. Then, put Google API key in settings.
3. After that, set the language, distance measurement, country, tax and other parameters.
4. In conclusion, download custom markers and choose a region of order acceptance on map.


2. Set parameters in Admin panel

1. Above all, fill name of your service in store item.
2. Set your products or services in product item.
3. In addition, add the lists of services and products in stock item.
4. Finally, add prices for additional parameters of this products and services

macbook first booking form

3. Add the [Shortcode]
to website page

Firstly, Add and configure Shortcode on website page.


4. Enter a SMTP options

  1. At first, put the hostname;
  2. After that, enter the username;
  3. In addition, need the password;
  4. After, order status switch set to ON;
  5. Payment confirmation also switch set to ON;
  6. Administrator notification switch set to ON.
Macbook payment

5. Use this features for Payment online on website

  1. Choose the payment gateway;
  2. Then, set client Id, secret key or other options;
  3. In addition, if you want to use additional option of tax for clients or for drivers, please, set ON;
  4. After that, for audit features of events, please, switch set ON.

Map Providers

Above all, Booking system included a lot of map providers

Google map









map box


map quest

Payment gateways

It is available to use in Booking system one of this Payment gateway

Plugin Features

Look all the features of 3bit booking plugin on screenshots that you can get for your website


WordPress Synchronization and Plugin Restore​
  WooCommerce Synchronization
Import and
Export Plugin Data


Datetime Format

Country and
Map Zoom
Order Tax
Theme Color
Acceptance Regions
Custom Messages
Order Hourly
Maximum Passengers Count
Order Price per Minute
Order Time Schedule
Order Available Ontime
Distance Included to Tariff
Current Timezone
Audit log
Password Recovery
Cognalys Verification
Payment Gateways
Product Type
Order Place
Store Place
Order Status Notification
Payment Confirmation Notification
Shopping Basket