Booking PLugin for WordPress

How to use a Booking platform on WordPress website …


WordPress Booking plugin provides a simple interface for customers and presents more then 15 Booking forms and widgets for trips, transfers, tours, rentals, product booking and delivery, food booking, service by location, airport and terminal shuttles.

Plugin Main Features

  • Allow customers to book on website
  • Setting a flexible pricing scheme for your business
  • Integrate Payment gateways
  • Keep order in order history
  • Let setup Order Places
  • Send notification about order
  • Send invoice via email
  • Set up and apply tax to services
  • Set up and apply discount to services
  • Manage and view in Admin Panel
  • 25+ forms and widgets on Website pages
  • Sign in, sign up, setting profile, cabinet
  • Dynamic add features show
  • Calculate distance, cost
  • Watching order on the map
  • Order status
  • Order rating
  • Add notification, history, order detail
  • Google Map integrated
  • Setup a products, price, stock availability, shops, location on the map, languages, currency, picture product loading, additional features
  • Change markers, colour theme
  • plugin_bg

    How to start a website building?

    1. Hosting & Domain

    How Do I Choose a Website Hosting Service? What Should I Look For? When looking for the best service to host your website here are a few key factors to take into account:

    Know your hosting needs- What kind of website are you building? Is it a WordPress site, an eCommerce site, or perhaps something more complex? Reliable uptime- What is your prospective host’s reliability and uptime guarantee? It is crucial to choose a web host that operates 24/7 on a powerful server with stable network connections. 99.5% and above is the average recommended uptime score, anything below 99% is unacceptable.


    Research cost- Be sure to check out hosting deals, and if you are very price-conscience, you may want to look into shared hosting solutions. Often, website hosting services offer inexpensive introductory prices but these may rise when you renew.

    Top of popular hosting – Bluehost, Namecheap, Hostgator, for example. Go to more information about web-hosting and and choose which hosting is more suitable for you.

    Preparing the WordPress Install

    Installing WordPress

    Now that we have the preparation stage covered, we can proceed with the installation process. Type in your domain name in a browser to open the setup page.

    The WordPress 5-minute installation wizard only has five steps in total:

  • Select your language and press Continue
  • WordPress will ask to collect the MySQL details. Since you already have them, press Let’s go!
  • Enter the MySQL database credentials. You may leave the Database Host and the Table Prefix fields as they are. Only change the latter if you wish to run multiple installations inside one database. Click Submit.
  • WordPress will check whether it’s possible to connect to the MySQL database you have created. If there are no errors, select Run the installation.
  • Fill in the website and administrator’s information. Click Install WordPress to finalize the
  • More detailed instruction, please go to How to install WordPress…  process.

    Most importantly, install 3bit Booking plugin to WordPress website.

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    Add and configure Shortcode on website page where you want a booking form located.

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    How to install 3bit booking plugin?

    Install and configure a plugin by yourself on WordPress website

    Main plugin features

    Look all the features of 3bit booking plugin on screenshots that you can get for your website

    Theme Color
    Acceptance Regions
    Current Timezone

    Country &
    Map Zoom



    Maximum Passengers Count
    Custom Messages
    Order Place
    Store Place
    Product Type
    Cognalys Verification
    Payment Gateways
    Payment Confirmation Notification
    Order Price per Minute
    Order Available Ontime

    Datetime Format

    Order Hourly
    Distance Included to Tariff


    Order Tax
    Password Recovery
    Import and
    Export Plugin Data
    WP Synchronization
    & Plugin Restore​
      WooCommerce Synchronization
    Order Status Notification
    Shopping Basket