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How to Setup WordPress?

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WordPress Web Hosting

WordPress requires web hosting that supports PHP and a Database (usually mySQL or MariaDB).

A Domain Name – e.g. 

Register a domain name through a registrar or hosting provider.

3bit Booking plugin not requires some additional functionality. However, all is usually included on hosting, but highly recommended check with your hosting company for SMTP configuration information.

WordPress Setup

Dedicated WordPress hosting providers often provide a “one-click” set up that installs files and configures the database. However, it is also possible to install and configure WordPress manually on any host that supports it.

WordPress Manual Setup

If the host provides a one-click or managed set up, WordPress may already be installed. In this case, skip to step 6 below.

See WordPress’s own “Famous 5-Minute Installation” guide, but here are the essentials…

  1. Setup Database and note: Database host IP or Domain name (if not localhost), Database name, Database user, Database password

  2. Download WordPress from and unzip it to a folder on local computer

  3. Rename the wp-config-sample.php file to wp-config.php

  4. Edit wp-config.php to add database credentials (and Salt)

  5. Upload the WordPress folder to the web server.

    (In most cases upload at root level unless there is a specific reason to host in a sub-directory.)

  6. Visit the site using a web browser. You will be prompted to setup an initial account and login.

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Yes, It's easy. Try by itself!

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