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How to Build website on WordPress?  

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Build website

WordPress is a templated system, meaning templates can be installed that change the appearance of the website. WordPress refers to templates as Themes. Now all Themes, that support Bootstrap Framework, work fine with Booking plugin.

WordPress comes with several Themes pre-installed. Setting up additional Themes is beyond the scope of this document, so we will continue assuming the default theme is in place or a theme has been chosen.

WordPress offers several content types: Posts, Media, & Pages. Each is handled slightly differently, and other content types can be added to augment functionality too. For Booking forms and Widgets usually using Home or “Book Now” Pages. WordPress uses on Home page static informational parts of the website.

Add a Home Page

  1. From the admin menu on the left side go to Pages > Add New

  2. Type a Title, e.g. “Home”

  3. Add some intro text

  4. Add the [CallCustomForm page_name=forms/bookings/trip_booking.html] Shortcode where you want the 3bit Booking form interface to appear

  5. Click the PUBLISH button

Make the Home Page

  1. From the admin menu on the left side go to Settings > Reading

  2. Under “Your Homepage Settings” select “A Static Page”

  3. From the “Homepage” drop down menu select the page to be the home page.

  4. Click the SAVE CHANGES button at bottom

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I think, this is a good start for a big Job!

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