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How to Booking plugin Donate?

It’s Easy, of course, but need to do a few steps. So, if you want to Donate a certain amount of funds to the development of the platform, you can send us funds through the Skrill system to the 3bit Skrill Account Finally, if you want to become a project investor or do you have more Questions about Booking plugin Donate, contact us via Skype: abto3bit

Need Learn more about Booking plugin?

3bit… Good Ideas for Business! 3bit is the powerful Booking platform for your WordPress website.In fact, Booking plugin provides a simple interface for customers and presents more thenĀ 15 Booking forms and widgets. In general, forms using for taxi and trips booking, airport transfers, product booking and delivery, food booking, etc.

Summaries, more Details information about 3bit WordPress Booking plugin on the Documentation page.