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Booking Bot & how it works?

How to create, where to get, price...

A chatbot is a software algorithm that is designed to replace human communication. The level of approximation to the ideal depends on how the virtual user is made.

There are two main types of bots:

  • artificial intelligence bots;
  • script bots, consisting of a relatively small number of programmed actions.
  • You need to determine where your audience is and create a chatbot there. It can be a Viber bot, a Telegram bot.

    The main purposes of using bots in business:

    providing quick response to clients;

    service 24/7;

    work simultaneously with many clients and potential users of services and goods;

    booking bot
    Booking bot can be a good helper for owners of any business from beauty salon services to ordering pizza, and creating your own taxi ordering service


    bots save up to 30 percent of support costs

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    Booking Bot

    more than 50 percent of customers expect the service to be maintained 24/7

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    more and more popular is the order through messengers taxi or pizza delivery

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    New opportunities for the ordering platform are cooming soon...

    We offer a bot script consisting of a relatively small number of programmed actions, with the help of which a client can place an order and pay for it. An ordering bot for business in our time is simply necessary. There are always tasks that you can automate in your business: attracting customers through automated ordering of a taxi or transport, automating the delivery process.


    The Virtual Assistant does not sleep, does not get tired, works without interruption and answers instantly. These properties make it very popular in business, as it not only helps to solve routine issues faster, but also saves money due to fewer employees.

    Be closer to your clients with booking bot right now!

    Booking Bot is powerful Multipurpose facility with order online features and support.

    Your clients will run very well no matter if  will use a booking Bot in Viber or Telegram messengers. 

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